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@  Juvx : (01 September 2014 - 01:58 AM) i found his pokemon video that he posted recently pretty hilarious though. But its because im an immature little child and i still laugh at the word "poop". hehehe
@  thegrimtaho : (31 August 2014 - 11:40 PM) I just despise his general attitude and his voice pisses me off.
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@  YoTTa : (31 August 2014 - 03:20 PM) What it is, is mainly a management game with random jump scares and it's not the scares that fuck you up it's the stress because you know your fucked it is only a matter of time.
@  Gundam : (31 August 2014 - 07:25 AM) The games just a bunch of cheap jump scares.
@  Tacticman : (31 August 2014 - 06:33 AM) Bought Five Nights at Freddy's, installed and launched at 2:30 AM, looked at the main menu, said "Nope." and went to mess around on Netflix.


Bringing Back The CS:GO Team!

Today, 12:54 AM

Me and poetik are going to put in the time to try and bring back the CS:GO team and I'd like a rough estimate of how many people would be interested in investing time into the team and willing to be a part of it with us.


Obviously we need people that are serious about learning to play as a team, learning your best position in the team, and team management for practicing and timing. It would be convenient if all members were of the same timezone or close to the same timezone so that practice times and tournament times can be easily scheduled for the entire team without any issues.


The positions that are available on the team are:

Manager (For scheduling practices, tournament times, etc.)


Promotion (Finding sponsors in the future if we reach that level)


In-Game Positions are as follows:

Entry Fragger - The first one in. - Aggressive. Great shot. Great communication.

Playmaker - Get trade kills if the Entry Fragger goes down. - Aggressive. Great shot. Great in the clutch. Great communication.

Strat Caller - Calls the round strategies (and/or ct positioning). - Great knowledge of the game. Great communication.

Support - Aid those in need of a pop flash or smoke. - Great knowledge of nades. Passive. Can stay calm and pick up trade kills. Great communication.

Awper - The primary awp. - Great reaction time. Great aim. Can entry. Great communication.

Lurker - Unpredictable to keep the enemies on their toes. - Great knowledge of rotations. Great positioning. Great use of sound. Great communication.


Communication is a must for every team at every position. The better your shot, the better you'll be at your respective role (obviously).


Keep in mind that there are an abundance of different roles, and we would like at least one of each. But keep in mind that CS:GO teams consist of 5 people that can play in-game. This doesn't limit the amount of people that are actually on the team itself, because we will need substitutes.


If there is anything that I messed up on or if you are confused, feel free to message me on the forums or add me on steam.



Please don't hesitate to let me know if I missed anything!



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Did the server get updated?

26 Aug 2014

so i was playing on the css server and... wel the low grav isnt on and there arent throwing knifes i didnt know if you guys were aware but plz fix it soon people came into the server and were confused about whether or not it was dao.  So those are the only things i noticed if you guys notice anything else post it here.  As always thanks for your time.



  88 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by MrMidnight )


Counter Strike: Source Makeover

16 Aug 2014

I have noticed a huge drop of people on the server in counter strike, therefore I believe that we need to improve some things. Here are my idea's and those of the users on our server.  First, I believe we need to display the damage to players so they know how much they did.  I think the gun switch may be a little too fast to where you can kill many people within a few seconds there should be more skill involved then spray, spray, spray, and win.  I also think we as admins should be able to initiate a knife vote either 1v1 or gank.  We should add a accomplishment for each level of dao points you get.(pirate, ninja, badass,etc) I also think we should make everything more friendly for non members I feel that our server is a barren wasteland if you have anymore ideas on how to improve our css server please leave a comment





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